Anna Anna Bilingual Sing Along 一起唱歌 图片1

无意中在国外看到这款节目《Anna Bilingual Sing Along一起唱歌》,发现很适合幼儿英语启蒙,每首英文歌曲都有Anna老师亲自唱,并且后面还会用中文儿歌来唱,非常有亲和力。



001. The More We Get Together 当我们同在一起.mp4
002. May The Always Be Sunshine 是否总有阳光.mp4
003. Open and Shut 打开,合拢.mp4
004. Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes 头, 肩, 膝盖, 和脚趾头.mp4
005. Old MacDonald Had a Farm 老麦当劳有个农场.mp4
006. Rain Drops 雨滴.mp4
007. Row Row Row Your Boat 摇摇摇小船.mp4
008. The Wheels On The Bus 汽车的轮子.mp4
009. It Looked like Spilt Milk 它看上去像泼洒的牛奶.mp4
010. Sleeping Bunny 睡觉吧,小兔.mp4
011. Mr. Sun 太阳公公.mp4
012. I Am A Little Teapot 我是一只小茶壶.mp4
013. Tommy Thumb 大姆指.mp4
014. Incy Wincy Spider 蜘蛛.mp4
015. Rain is Falling Down 雨落下来.mp4
016. 拔萝卜Pull Radish.mp4
017. Are You Sleeping? 你在睡觉吗?.mp4
018. This Is The Way We Brush Our Teeth 这是我们刷牙的方式.mp4
019. 两只老虎 Two Tigers.mp4
020. Roly Poly.mp4
021. Hickory Dickory Dock & 小老鼠, 上灯台.mp4
022. 大西瓜 Big Watermelon.mp4
023. 小白兔白又白 Little Bunny White.mp4
024. Teddy Bear & 洋娃娃和小熊跳舞.mp4
025. If You're Happy and You Know It 如果你感到幸福.mp4
026. Three Little Fish Swimming In The Sea 三条小鱼在水里游.mp4
027. I Love You, You Love me 我爱你,你爱我.mp4
028. Bingo 宾狗.mp4
029. Flitter Flutter butterfly 飞呀,花蝴蝶.mp4
030. Skidamarink 爱之歌.mp4
031. Come and Look and See 快来看一看.mp4
032. Brown Bear, What Do You See? 棕熊,你看到什么?.mp4
033. Slippery Fish 滑滑鱼.mp4
034. Clap Your Hands 小手拍拍.mp4
035. Dear Zoo 亲爱的动物园.mp4
036. 7 Days In A Week 一周有7天.mp4
037. Not A Box 不是一个箱子.mp4
038. Zoom Zoom Zoom 轰隆隆.mp4
039. Chick and Duckling 小鸡和小鸭 (Anna's bilingual story time).mp4
040. 5 plus 5 五加五 (Anna's bilingual story time).mp4
041. Hug 抱抱.mp4
042. I'm the Biggest Thing in the Ocean 我是海洋里最大的东西.mp4
043. Five Green and Speckled Frogs 五只绿青蛙.mp4
044. Tick Tock Cuckoo Clock 布谷钟.mp4
045. From Head to Toe 从头到脚趾头.mp4
046. I am a Little Painter 我是一个粉刷匠.mp4
047. Blue Whale, What Do You See? 蓝鲸, 你看见了什么?.mp4
048. Bananas Unite 香蕉联合.mp4
049. The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear 小老鼠, 熟透的红草莓,和饥饿的大熊.mp4
050. 10 Little Apples 十个苹果.mp4
051. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 一闪一闪小星星.mp4
052. Hands Are Not for Hitting 手不是用来打人的.mp4
053. Count The Toads 数蛤蟆.mp4
054. Five Little Ducks 五只小鸭.mp4
055. Freight Train 货运火车.mp4
056. Three Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed 三只小猴在床上跳.mp4
057. Watching the Lushan Waterfall 望庐山瀑布.mp4
058. My Dad's the Coolest 我的爸爸最酷.mp4
059. 12 Months In A Year 一年有十二个月.mp4
060. Five Little Fingers 五个手指头.mp4
061. I Can Sing a Rainbow 我会唱支彩虹歌.mp4
062. Little Fish's Dream 鱼儿的梦.mp4
063. Pete the Cat - I Love My White Shoes 皮特猫:我爱我的白鞋子.mp4
064. Rain, Rain, Go Away 雨,雨,快走开.mp4
065. 咏鹅 The Goose.mp4
066. Popcorn Kernels 爆米花.mp4
067. How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night_ 恐龙怎么说晚安?(英文版).mp4
068. 恐龙怎么说晚安?.mp4
069. 小兔子乖乖 Little Bunny Baby.mp4
070. Hello Greeting Songs 你好问候歌.mp4
071. Goodbye Songs 再见歌.mp4
072. The Cars and Trucks Book by Todd Parr 有关汽车和卡车的书.mp4
073. Balloon Painting 气球绘画.mp4
074. The Hokey Pokey (sing and dance) HOKEY POKEY歌舞.mp4
075. Paper Plate Fish (Art and Crafts) 纸盘鱼(艺术和手工).mp4
076. My Good Mother 我的好妈妈.mp4
077. Hurry hurry,drive the fire truck 快点快点,开出消防车.mp4
078. Go to School 上学歌(太阳当头照 & 小二郎).mp4
079. Baa Baa Black Sheep 咩咩,黑绵羊.mp4
080. Be Polite and Kind by Cheri J. Meiners 要有礼貌和善良.mp4
081. Where Are My Friends_ & Looking For Friends 我的朋友在哪里_ & 找朋友.mp4
082. Ram Sum Sum & Orca Whale.mp4
083. Wash Your Hands 洗手歌.mp4
084. Our Country is a Garden (Wa Ha Ha) 我们的祖国是花园(娃哈哈).mp4
085. Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear 北极熊,北极熊,你听见什么?.mp4
086. Shake You Sillies Out 抖掉你的无聊.mp4
087. Dandelion 蒲公英.mp4
088. Elephants Have Wrinkles 大象有皱纹.mp4
089. Seven Blind Mice by Ed Young (Author, Illustrator) 七只盲老鼠.mp4
090. Go To Mountains to Hunt tigers 上山打老虎.mp4
091. 12345, Once I Caught a Fish Alive 有次我抓住一条活鱼.mp4
092. Crescent Moon 弯弯的月亮.mp4
093. Throw Handkerchief 丢手绢.mp4
094. Bubble Gum 泡泡糖.mp4
095. Quiet Night Thoughts 静夜思.mp4
096. Autumn Leaves Are Falling Down 秋天树叶落下来.mp4
097. Thanksgiving Feast 感恩节宴席.mp4
098. No, David! by David Shannon 不, 戴维!.mp4
099. Jealous (Newborn) 嫉妒(新生婴儿).mp4
100. Telephone call 打电话.mp4
101. Five Little Pumpkins Sitting on the Gate 五只南瓜坐在大门上.mp4
102. Eating 好好吃饭.mp4
103. Come On Everybody (Transition song) 大家快来一起做 (过渡歌).mp4
104. You Are My Sunshine 你是我的阳光.mp4
105. Guess What - Food 猜猜看 - 食物.mp4
106. Deep and Wide 深又宽.mp4
107. Look For My Kitty 找猫猫.mp4
108. Say 'No' 说“不”.mp4
109. Snow Is Falling Down 雪花飘下来.mp4
110. I love The Mountains 我爱高山.mp4
111. The Farmer In The Dell 农夫在山谷.mp4
112. Do you Know the Muffin Man 你知道松饼爷爷吗.mp4
113. Whose Bum_ 谁的后背(臀部)_.mp4
114. The little Green Frog 绿色小青蛙.mp4
115. Down By The Station 小火车之歌.mp4
116. Mouse Paint 老鼠涂色.mp4
117. I have a little turtle 我有一只小乌龟.mp4
118. Five Little Snowmen 五个小雪人.mp4
119. Dance With Bears 和小熊跳舞.mp4
120. I Am Snow 我是雪.mp4
121. We Wish You a Merry Christmas 我们祝你圣诞快乐.mp4
122. Hello, Bugs! 你好,小虫!.mp4
123. Shalom, My Friends 平安,朋友.mp4
124. Action Words 动作词汇.mp4
125. Happy New Year 新年快乐.mp4
126. 风不吹 Wind please don't blow.mp4
127. 五只企鹅 Five Penguins.mp4
128. If You Give A Mouse A Cookie 如果你给老鼠一块饼干.mp4
129. Mood 情绪.mp4
130. Shake Your Bell 摇摇你的铃铛.mp4
131. Self-Care 照顾自己.mp4
132. Two little Blue Birds 两只蓝鸟.mp4
133. That's Not My Bee... 那不是我的小蜜蜂.mp4
134. Love grows 爱会成长.mp4
135. Five Little Dragons 五条小龙 (鹅妈妈中英文早教).mp4
136. Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes 头, 肩,膝盖,和脚趾头.mp4
137. Fruit Salad 水果沙拉.mp4
138. Chinese New Year Song 中国新年好.mp4
139. Knife, Fork, Spoon and Spatula 刀,叉,勺,和炒菜铲.mp4
140. Fruit and Veggies Unite! 水果蔬菜集合!.mp4
141. I Bring Home A Baby Bumble Bee 我带回家一只小蜜蜂.mp4
142. Ears 耳朵.mp4
143. Ladybug 小瓢虫之歌.mp4
144. Four Seasons -- Weather 四季歌 - 天气.mp4
145. tails 尾巴.mp4
146. Knuffle Bunny 毛兔兔.mp4
147. How to listen so kids will talk 1 怎么听 孩子才肯说 1.mp4
148. 泥娃娃 Clay Doll.mp4
149. Listen To The Water 听这水声.mp4
150. The Fish In The Sea 海洋中的鱼儿.mp4
151. In The Garden 花园里.mp4
152. Walk and Stop 走和停.mp4
153. I Am An Airplane 我是小飞机.mp4
154. Cherry Blossom 樱花.mp4
155. What's The Weather Today ?今天是什么天气?.mp4
156. Where Has My Little Dog Gone?我的小狗去哪儿了?.mp4
157. Draw Me a Star 请给我画颗星星.mp4
158. Fish In The Water 鱼儿在水里游.mp4
159. I Love My Mommy 我爱妈妈.mp4
160. Who Can Fly_ 谁会飞?.mp4
161. Walking, Walking! 走呀,走呀!.mp4
162. Five Senses 五种感觉.mp4
163. Do Cows Meow_ 牛儿喵喵叫吗?.mp4
164. Washing Clothes 洗衣裳.mp4
165. Seek and Count 找一找和数一数.mp4
166. Shark In The Park 鲨鱼在公园里.mp4
167. Children Festival Song 儿童节之歌.mp4
168. Put Your Hands Up High 手儿举高高.mp4
169. The Gingerbread Man 姜饼人.mp4
170. Ducklings 小鸭子.mp4
171. An Oval Submarine and Other Shapes 椭圆形的潜水艇.mp4
172. Traffic Lights Song 交通灯歌.mp4
173. This little light of mine 我的小小光点.mp4
174. Sharing 分享.mp4
175. I Went Walking 我出外散步.mp4
176. Daddy Is His Name-O 爸爸是他的名字.mp4
177. Camp Fire 营火烧起来了.mp4
178. Baby Dinosaurs 恐龙宝宝.mp4
179. The Bear Went Over The Mountain 小熊爬上了高山.mp4
180. 儿童圆舞曲:金色的太阳 The Golden Sun.mp4
181. Where Is The Green Sheep _ 绿绵羊在哪儿?.mp4
182. Bumping Up and Down in My Little Red Wagon 上上下下坐在我的小拖车.mp4
183. Catch The Stars 摘星星.mp4
184. Clap, Clap, Clap Your Hands Together 一起拍手歌.mp4
185. Opposite Surprise 相反的惊讶.mp4
186. Have You Ever Seen a Sailboat 你是否看见过帆船.mp4
187. Ants Go Marching 蚂蚁行进.mp4
188. Blue Sky and Clear Water 天蓝蓝,水清清.mp4
189. A Hunting We Will Go 我们要去打猎.mp4
190. Beautiful Motherland 祖国祖国多美丽.mp4
191. Jonny Has One Hammer 约翰有一个钉锤.mp4
192. Summertime 夏季时光.mp4
193. Alice the Camel 骆驼爱丽丝.mp4
194. Who Took The Cookie_ 谁拿走了饼干?.mp4
195. Waves On The Beach 海滩上的海浪.mp4
196. Guess What? 猜猜是什么?.mp4
197. Two Little Hands Go Clap, Clap, Clap 两只小手拍拍拍.mp4
198. Crabs Are Crawling 螃蟹爬上来.mp4
199. nest 筑巢.mp4
200. Grey Squirrel 灰松鼠.mp4
201. Five Little Turkeys 五只小火鸡.mp4
202. I Am A Nut 我是一颗坚果.mp4
203. The Okay Book 没关系 (可以的).mp4
204. Did You Ever See A Pumpkin? 你曾看见过一个南瓜吗?.mp4
205. I Am So Hungry 我好饿了.mp4
206. I Spy Under The Sea 我在海洋底侦察(观察).mp4
207. The Apple Bird by Brian Wildsmith 苹果鸟.mp4
208. When You Are One One One 当你一岁.mp4
209. Pumpkin, what do you see? 南瓜,你看见了什么?.mp4
210. Boo Who 是谁?.mp4
211. I Read Signs 我会读标识.mp4
212. May There Always Be Sunshine 是否总有阳光.mp4
213. Red Is Best 红色是最好的.mp4
214. Let's all do a little clapping 让我们一起拍拍手.mp4

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